The year in Idealoclast 2014

It’s crazy to think that the one year anniversary of this blog thing is approaching ever so. It started on September 7th of last year to bid my time waiting for the next school year, because I apparently missed the window to apply.

100 or so posts later here we are. It’s important to look back at where it started, and to see where it’s headed now as another year approaches the horizon. It started in defence of a wonderful HBO show about a newsroom, and an important view about the school system.

A lot of the time, it’s been about the utter craziness of the gaming community.

I’ve looked at photography and tried adding a tale to them.

At the end of 2013, you were briefed on significant things from the year.

Sometimes the things I’ve wanted to talk about, hit a little closer to home than I would have liked.

jkf3In the dawn of Patreon campaigning, Let’s walks started. A wonderfully satirical experiment that was once told to me that it wasn’t very entertaining. (Which is probably a great comment, because the walk wasn’t entertaining enough to listen to the conversation going on.)

The occasional art jam also happened.

In the perspective of a year, it’s been a short time, but I’ve explored many different ways that content was produced.

DID YOU KNOW: This short story about Jimmy Fallon is the most viewed article?

THIS article on Joel Mchale’s Transgendered Wario joke has the most comments.

THIS is probably my favourite meme that I’ve ever created for myself.

Also incase you missed it, I shared the entire first draft of my Daniel Wyke on the blog.

As I review everything that has happened, I encourage you to do the same. Input is crucial from an audience to see exactly where I’m headed as a writer. But not just as that, but with the current video content itself. Game club and Wordsmythe currently have the focus, as I continue to explore.

Share some of your favourites, give your comments and criticisms, and be with me as we see where another year will lead us.

nanu nanu

Out of all the comedic heroes out there that I’ve absolutely wanted to meet, Robin Williams was one of them. He spent the majority of my childhood on television and movies. Countless amounts of moments that I will always hold close to my memory.

On news of his passing, I felt shocked. Word of apparent suicide and talks about depression pushed the misery even further. I never would have wanted to believe it at first. I knew about the man’s struggles with depression, but every time I’ve ever seen him in front of a camera, there was nothing but glee in his eyes. His Jester impulses lit me up and made me happy.

He really knew how to entertain.

But the reality of it is the struggle inside. When a comedian’s job helps you look at the lighter side of life, it ends up being a distraction for their own. We’ve seen and heard many stories of great comedians opening up about the problems they’ve had. It’s important to not look at the end of a person’s life, but the body of work that they left behind.

So I stopped what I was doing and put on videos of old stand up specials. He felt amazing to me all over again. Seeing him in his element, was always an inspiration for me, I’ve always wanted nothing more than to follow in those footsteps of ideas setting off one after the other, Never being afraid of vulnerability, hitting the ground running and enjoying any outcome.

I’ve become more of an introvert since the time I lost something that I felt was very important to me. The need to be that kind of person was lost on me for many years. I may have just ended up not being where I want to be, and taking a path where I might not belong.

But taking this time to remember the kind of person that he was, and what he did for people, could be enough to light a fire in my belly, and refined what made him such an inspiration for me in the first place.

Rest in Peace Robin Williams. Thanks for all the years you graced the world with your presence.


Wordsmythe pilot (e01)

So guys, check it out. here’s a short pilot for a show idea that I have. I could tell you where the inspiration came from, but I’m probably going to have to save that for another time.

In this show, I plan to discuss words and/or phrases, no matter how obscure that they may be. Language is practically a lost art, as we shorten everything down for our simpler attention spans. So why not do something that has a little fun.


Daniel Wyke part 16 finale

Theo walked into the room to announce that Malenka was free from her chains and that she was currently helping herself to the kitchen. Yet, when Daniel looked up at him as he walked into the room, he knew there was something else he had to say.

“It’s no surprise that August kept his public and private life separate even within family.”

“And you knew about this?”

“Of course Master Wyke. I did more than know about it, I was there through most of it. Your Uncle was truly one of America’s greatest living Adventurers.”

“Adventurer… huh?”

“By the By young master, before I forget. A one Agatha Park has sent by numerous messages in your absence. It seems she’s eager to know when you’d be back.” Continue reading