close the #gates

Watergate is forever known as the scandal that put an end to Richard Nixon. A break-in at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee that unravelled illegal activity, and Nixon had no choice but to resign.

Since then ‘Watergate’ has become synonymous with american political scandals. For everything else, there seems to be a liking for the later part of the word for anything else that may be deemed a controversy.

Gamergate, celebgate, bendgate. It’s definitely thrown around these days. Sure it sounds like it’s a little out of hand, but there’s been a definite reason for it. Continue reading

Sunday Social Club 09/21/14


It’s a good day for me, aside from being sick I’ve written the last chapter to that book I’ve been writing, so now the only thing left for me to do is edits. Hopefully with that out of the way, I can actually go back to the regular schedule of this website… whatever that may be.

News, anyone? Continue reading

Sunday Social Club 09/14/14


It seems like an eternal struggle with Vancouver teachers just wanting to do their job in the best way possible. A pro-union rally set to take place at the Vancouver Art Gallery this morning was agitated by a group of Richmond parents who appeared fed up with the teacher/government tussle and just want school to start back up again.  Continue reading

Sunday Social Club 09/07/14

It’s important to understand how we actually understand things. It’s fair to say that North America as a continent is sexually repressed when it comes to the rest of the world. We think women are over-sexualized, when in reality we’re over-sexualizing them in our own minds.

But in this day of internets, we rely on images and videos for gratification because we lack the ability to live life outside of our screens. Thus sexuality is reduced to images and we’re putting the female body on an unnecessary perverse pedestal.

But I’m sure someone will end up reading that paragraph and beg to differ.

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Sunday Social Club 08/31/14


What a cold and desolate week it’s been on this website. You might have to get used to that for a while. I have the audacity to go back to school for the fall/winter.

To ensure that I’d pay attention to school, my week was filled with unmentionable whatever and a hell of a lot of sleeping. So If you’re asking why there was no SSC this morning/afternoon it’s because I had the audacity to not wake up.  Continue reading

Sunday Social Club 08/24/14


Welcome to the Sunday Social Club, which is really just a roundup of news articles that I find interesting and wanted to share as a means of spreading news. (unless you already follow every news outlet through all those ridiculous means of social media.)

This is also just a really adorable way to keep me reading about current events. So without further adieu: Continue reading


The way of things.

I’ve sat around not wanting to say anything that was none of my business, but it’s given me time to reflect on what is.

I enjoy business from the old days, that would go out of their way to convince the consumer what they wanted. Cigarettes taste great and calm you down, It’s father’s day so buy him a tie, If you love her you’d give her this hallmark card. The ignorance of the consumer helped business flourish, and capitalism is great. Continue reading


The year in Idealoclast 2014

It’s crazy to think that the one year anniversary of this blog thing is approaching ever so. It started on September 7th of last year to bid my time waiting for the next school year, because I apparently missed the window to apply.

100 or so posts later here we are. It’s important to look back at where it started, and to see where it’s headed now as another year approaches the horizon. It started in defence of a wonderful HBO show about a newsroom, and an important view about the school system.

A lot of the time, it’s been about the utter craziness of the gaming community.

I’ve looked at photography and tried adding a tale to them.

At the end of 2013, you were briefed on significant things from the year.

Sometimes the things I’ve wanted to talk about, hit a little closer to home than I would have liked.

jkf3In the dawn of Patreon campaigning, Let’s walks started. A wonderfully satirical experiment that was once told to me that it wasn’t very entertaining. (Which is probably a great comment, because the walk wasn’t entertaining enough to listen to the conversation going on.)

The occasional art jam also happened.

In the perspective of a year, it’s been a short time, but I’ve explored many different ways that content was produced.

DID YOU KNOW: This short story about Jimmy Fallon is the most viewed article?

THIS article on Joel Mchale’s Transgendered Wario joke has the most comments.

THIS is probably my favourite meme that I’ve ever created for myself.

Also incase you missed it, I shared the entire first draft of my Daniel Wyke on the blog.

As I review everything that has happened, I encourage you to do the same. Input is crucial from an audience to see exactly where I’m headed as a writer. But not just as that, but with the current video content itself. Game club and Wordsmythe currently have the focus, as I continue to explore.

Share some of your favourites, give your comments and criticisms, and be with me as we see where another year will lead us.