How I spent my summer ‘vacation’


In about two or so weeks, I’ll be coming back to Langara for my second and (hopefully) final year in the school’s journalism program. In which, by design, I should be a budding journalism with the integrity of an ox and the work ethic of an… ox?

It’s funny to say that I’ll be coming back, because in truth I’ve never really left the building. As most of my other classmates have been pursuing a summer of work/leisure, I’ve been biding my time. Left to my own devices using the school’s devices, to endeavour in what most people would argue is a ‘startup’…

…When I’m calling it “for fun-sies”.  Continue reading

busy crazy

It’s a strange place to be in. Newsfriends is a strange beast that keeps me busy, but in a good way. Not a waste of time, it feels like business. It feels like work. It helps me get work.

I’m going to be doing a lot of filming this month. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do, and I get to do it in a way that’s fun and exciting and means something. It took a while to build up a foundation for these things. But I’m pretty grateful for journalism school is what I guess I should be saying. I got a knack for these things.

I love that it’s growing. I love watching it grow and it’s even more amazing that it gets people interested in it’s growth.

My biggest regret is that I wish it happened years ago with things and people that mattered (that still very much matter)  But it’s all life lessons isn’t it? Never give up and all that Jazz.

Have ya’ll been listening to the podcast? watching the videos? have you subscribed to these things? Probably should. just saying.

I wanted to just make a post that let’s me reflect on things, but I’ll have a proper update again. Something metrics wise that I’ve been finding interesting.

Keep yourself posted,
NewsFriends out.


I can’t help but be interested in analytics

As you know I’ve been acting as grand poobah for for some time. It’s never really my intention to be the most active for it, but my creative controlling nature has me constantly poking and prodding at the seams thinking “What can we do? How can we do it? when can we do it?”

There’s an incredibly strange story that has something to do with a solid object shaped like a poo, It’s honestly a bit hard to understand why the story could get a lot of attention but here we are in this world we live in. Continue reading