The Mystery of the Page-turners

Ellen Page was sitting on her back porch, playing with her acoustic guitar. She knew well enough that she wasn’t the best at it, but it’s an interesting and freeing quality to have. As the final chord that she was willing to practice was struck, Page put the guitar down and took a deep breath. This was the twenty-seventh time she’s practiced this week, and came away from this session pretty confident.

‘The girl from Ipanema’ is just one of those songs that she’s always wanted to learn. Having grown up around Folk and Country music most of her life, she never would have guessed she’d develop a soft spot for Bossa Nova. It’s one of those things that seems under appreciated, and is really pleasant on the ears. The only problem is that she’s never found the right conversation to just bring it up.

Ellen then put the guitar back inside the house and grabbed herself a glass of water. After the events that happened a couple of weeks ago, she’s definitely felt like a gigantic weight has been lifted off of her shoulders.

She’s happier. Continue reading