Let’s just try something


There’s a secret part inside everybody that deems themselves to be a ‘writer’, or a ‘journalist’ of some kind. It’s a lot like the millions of people out there that claim they’re a photographer, but only a handful of people can really get it. For a long time, I’ve never actually considered calling myself a writer until I moved to Vancouver, British Columbia (Just short of Vancouver, Washington. I kind of can’t get over that. Did the state of Washington look at that and figure they could have a Vancouver too? I bet that place is over shadowed. Feel free to tell me cool stories though, if you live there/ been there).

While I spent years thinking that acting was the most amazing thing I was ever capable of, single handedly ignoring every other talent I seem to have. over the years I’ve noticed that I get a lot more joy out of talking. Countless people in my life have taught me this. I know it has something to do with the amount of years I’ve spent looking at internet websites, because I really feel like that is something that we just don’t do anymore, as a society. It’s almost as if it’s just another dying art-form.

“But Michael,” You shout quietly under your breath, “People are talking all over the internet all the time. Conversations are happening daily, even as I type this to you. So what the hell is your problem?”

You are right, there’s a lot of websites out there where people form an opinion, and others engage in that opinion with an opinion of their own. But you’re also wrong because those are usually screaming matches. I think every day there just seems to be someone, somewhere mad about something. So I thought, if I could at least create “something” “somewhere”, making it rain word bubbles on the information tubes. I could at least be a little happier about the world around me.

The idea to want to do this, stemmed from a silly little comic strip. Things just occurred to me left and right about what our internet culture essentially was. So I wanted to just sit there and write about addressing problems as they effect the things that I enjoy, which is a surprising amount of things on my part. I used to be a child that never cared about life, sitting around playing video games like an apathetic chump. Now I just want to be an old man about everything, cracking the youngsters into shape.

So if you think about it, I want to go into school again, take up some sort of Journalism course. But in the meantime, I’m just going to write what I can, when I feel like I should.

I personally, don’t expect to update this blog often, Because I do want to take this seriously. It usually takes me a while to have a level headed approach to things while I hone my skills, just so I don’t sound like a jack ass. Which by the way, is very light water to tread. The internet makes it statistically impossible to please everyone. But as I’ve said over a skype conversation with a friend of mine, if I were to ever do something that happens to get someone rilled up, the best thing I’d want to do is talk to them.

With that being said, I would love to keep this blog as an open forum for anyone that would love to say something. comments, or emails. maybe It would strike a mood in someone that THEY would want to write something themselves. I can only hope to achieve that we’re all enjoying this process, and maybe things will be bigger than we expect them to be. Issues that are important wether it stems from pop-culture, to war. It’s all well and good!

So why idealoclast? Well, it’s because thought catalog was already taken. I was thinking of something that was probably going to be pretentious if you don’t or do think about it. Iconoclast is an interesting word and I liked the meaning behind it. Plus for some reason it got me looking for other words that would belong to the oclast family... Which I was unfortunate to come up short with, but I liked the idea of using word that would insinuate the destruction of the way one would think.

So by definition, the whole thing is pretty hokey on purpose. But at least it’s a hokey website that wants to be a proper thought catalog. (sometimes I like to make jokes too, I’m just going to throw that out there incase anything goes over your head.)

*The above image is something I stumbled upon in a google image search on December 12, 2012. Remember it as the day that the world was apparently supposed to end? Alpaca lips is a good pun, Huge Manatee comes pretty close too.


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