The Patreon campaign


You might notice the link in the right column of this website. That is a very important link, and one that I want to point out to my various subscribers and people that come and go to the site.

I’m starting a Patreon campaign to help continue doing what I love to do, a good chunk of it means running this website. Writing about news, things around the internet, taking pictures and videos in different and interesting ways.

Since I’ve started doing this in September, I’ve had every intention to use this space full time. But since September, the website has it’s highs and lows when content gets created. At best the Let’s Walks are something I will continue to commit to every Tuesday / Thursday, but I’m always ready to evolve and take the next step to find fun ways to do things that make sense for me and the website. (I’ve had more that a couple of ideas come to mind already. Look for those in the coming weeks.) I want to continue to be engaging and conversational no matter how ridiculous or controversial the topic may be, and I continue to encourage you as readers to engage just as much, wether it’s a like/ a reblog/ retweet or a reply.

Having a patreon campaign does not hinder the content of idealoclast, I will continue to trek on and run it. but with the help of patrons, idealoclast can be a much bigger and better experience.

Aside from the link that will forever be in the right column, you can check out the campaign page here.

I’ve put a lot of real thought into it, I will work hard to make the content reflect what I want to show with patreon.


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