a show of shows – ED15


Set up of the second episode of the Speakeasy Panel show.

Usually when trying to start a show that you want to perform in front of an audience, the entire process is much more difficult that you’d imagine it to be in the beginning.

Plays, I’ve always thought to be simple int their execution. On the day, the actors have become so well co-ordinated with the script and the stage directions, that the entire thing pretty much plays itself out.

The Panel Show ‘Speakeasy’ has been a completely different beast that I’ve had the fortunate pleasure of learning from. The only one that’s ever scripted, and should ever be scripted is the Host. The people we ask to come on board are from any other event/venue from all over the Vancouver area.

It’s a delightful chaos for us to learn how the game is played.¬†When you start from the ground up, you don’t know what to expect. But with more experience comes a better understanding on what kind of show this should be.

It’s funny to know that panel shows are pretty common, but never that common in North America. You have some here and there, but our panel shows are more on the serious end than the jokey (save for the new @mightnight).

I want to take what I’ve learned from panel shows in past and present. I want to accomplish something, I feel, hasn’t been accomplished yet.


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