Art Party March 30/14 “painting self into the corner”

Maybe the rampant insomnia is a little worrisome when put into a live speaking position. That’s probably how I should have felt today after a couple of weeks (give or take) with zero amount of sleep on my internal clock.

Instead of trying to rationalize an answer of some sort, I’m just going to throw some salt over my shoulder and say “It is what it is.”

So the art jam can go on..

And unless I finally wash my mouth out with soap, I must warn you on account of some ‘big adult people’ language that may occur.

Ossi joins me again as we discuss things like Final Fantasy XIV, the female anatomy (a.k.a. Bon puts his foot in his mouth) and the joys of playing Grand Theft Auto Online like a joy-less person.

I suppose yes, it may very well end up feeling more like a podcast than an actual art jam. ( So my only goal is to fill it up with more arty people.)


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