Daniel Wyke part 15

“What were you doing there?” Said Daniel, moving brush out of his way.  While walking to the town, they kept to the coast to always keep reference where they were. But kept hidden enough in trees as to not get detected, incase the officers were looking for them.

Malenka wasn’t far behind him.

“You’ve noticed that I’m a pirate don’t you boy?”

“I’m sure you’re a notorious one… But it’s quite the chance for us to both be on the same train don’t you think?”

“Aye. That it is…” Malenka was actually pretty embarrassed with it all, she often talked a big game with others that she hated the idea of looking humbled in front of them. “ You were there went it happened weren’t you? When our ship was attacked?”

“I remember being blown out to sea, but not much beyond that.”

“Well you’re lucky to be alive…” The awkwardness of that was palpable, “These men were apparently after the old captain, and they shot without warning because they recognized the ship. They did a lot of damage to that ship. It was a good ship… They probably would have went away if I just kept my head down.”

“What does that mean?”

“When they boarded our ship, they couldn’t find the person they were looking for. So they publically apologized in front of my crew about the mess they caused and offered to take anyone back to land with them so they don’t sink out in the middle of the ocean.”

“That’s nice of them, you couldn’t just take that offer–”

“–Those bastards destroyed my ship. They ain’t gettin’ away without a reamin’!” Malenka cleared her throat and spat, “besides, it wasn’t my big mouth that got me in trouble. I’ve been wanted for other crimes on land, reasons why I stuck to the sea.”

Daniel stopped dead in his tracks and glared “You’re not a dangerous person are you? I’m taking you back to my home.” Malenka scoffed and walked passed him.

“Please boy. The only thing I’ve ever been guilty of is protecting myself from men.” The sound of that statement caused Daniel to respond almost defensively.

“I would never do any harm to you ms. St. Clair, promise.”

“Of Course not, you’re still just a boy.” Malenka smirked. Daniel felt emasculated but at the same time from the way she talked, he really didn’t know much about the outside world.

“Come on boy. I’m following you, remember?”

“Oh!” Daniel sprinted ahead then pointed and waved where to go next. As Malenka complied, Daniel still had nothing but questions to ask her. “So, where were they taking you?”

“Ever heard of Fort Kelsey?” She asked. Daniel shook his head no, “ It’s in between trade routes for businesses, but at it’s core is a prison. But the guards they put there are just as bad as the thugs they keep. I’d rather be dead before they send me to the likes of that place.”

“Well m’am from what I can see, you know how to get yourself out of a tight spot.” He tried not to show it, but deep down Daniel’s body ached from the fall into the ocean. But as best as he was hiding it, Malenka could tell from his occasional flinching just how sore he was.

“I’m sorry for dragging you into things. It was a tad uncalled for, to make you a hostage back there.”

Daniel didn’t know what to say so he just shrugged with a faint smile. In a way he’s actually quite grateful. He wouldn’t have been on such an adventure if it hadn’t have been for her forcing him onto the ship in the first place.

Hours had gone by and they could finally see Harbourstone off in the distance. The Cave with it’s wrecked beach right in front of them. Daniel Enthusiastically threw his arms up in the air and loudly sighed with relief.

“Finally back!” he shouted.

Malenka was quick to being cautious, “Keep your wits about you, boy! Those men could be around here.. If they had half a mind.”

“Right… we’ll just be going around the perimeter. My Uncle’s house isn’t too far East of here.” They moved in the direction Daniel was leading them, but he was eager to bring something else up.

“Ms. St. Clair, when we get those chains of yours off, I want your help.”


“See that cave?”

“What of it? That utterly empty void?”

“Well… when I was drifting out to sea, I had a dream.. The dream told me there’s more to it than we know.”

“That was just the salt in your brain, boy. There’s nothing to see in there, you even saw it for yourself.”

“I just.. I have a hunch. I’m sure I can pay if I have to.”

When they reached the house completely undetected by anyone. Malenka was in awe of just how large the estate was. Within moments she convinced herself, that Daniel was incredibly rich, and well to pay her any kind of money she offered.

They walked into the Foyer and knocked on the large, heavy door that has since been fixed. The Door cracked open to reveal the dark looming figure of Theo, whom Daniel was happy to see again, but startled Malenka greatly and expressed as such.

“Jumping christ, you’re a tall drink of water!”

Theo expressionless, just looked down at them and greeted “Master Wyke, how nice to see you again. Brought a guest against her will I see.”

“Oh, yes. could you please help her out with those?” Daniel moved to the side and motioned for Malenka to come ahead of him and go inside.

“Right this way miss.” said Theo.  Malenka fixed her eyes and slowly moved into the house.

“Is everything about this place gigantic?” she retorted.

“Surprisingly, yes.” Theo replied, “This way please.”

As they walked off to a different part of the house, Daniel made his way back to the study. He Believed there was something in that room that he overlooked before.

‘But where do you even begin?’ He thought.

That question was answered at the sight of a drawer in the desk slightly open. A part of him wondered if it’s been like that this whole time, and why he didn’t notice it sooner. So he opened it up further, and inside was a scroll, that he unravelled a found it to be a highly detailed document about the cave.

“Hiding in plain sight? that’s ridiculous.” It detailed torches that were along the wall, sketches of creatures and a highly detailed blueprint of a submarine.

“huh… Just what kind of person was my uncle?”


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