Daniel Wyke Part 11

“I… I’ve read of you, beast. I know what you do.” spoke Daniel, as he scrambled to lift himself, keeping his eyes focused on the monster, as it’s mouth drew closer to his face.

The Dosjetka snorted, and smirked, “Read of me? Am I that poplar?” Noticing Daniel trying to get up, it pressed it’s right paw against his chest, pushing him back down to the floor.

“There’s no need to lumber off, is there? Not many people come out of the woodwork, so I’m pine-ing for attention.” The beast’s heavy paw made it hard for Daniel to breathe, but did his best to hold composure in front of the beast. Continue reading


Daniel Wyke part 10

Daniel stood shin deep in the ocean for the next little while trying to grab his food. With no net or means of capturing, he was attempting to catch minnows with his bare hands. With hunger on his mind, he was willing to keep attempting to catch them, but there was nothing else around the area, and he was not quite ready to get lost in the forest.

But if he waited long enough, and considering the season, something would eventually come to him.

Daniel actually washed ashore next to the Tenuni forest, known to be in the northernmost part of the state. Deep within the forest is a lake that inhabits a whole assortment of wildlife. One in particular is the Obsidian trout. On it’s own, the trout is usually quite disgusting but it became a real delicacy amongst Northern Americans. They have become the most expensive fish on the market due to a very specific time of the year, and are fished only in this one particular spot. Continue reading