Daniel Wyke part 9

Dreams come in many forms. Depending on the day you had, or the food you’ve eaten, something manifests in your subconscious the moment you go to sleep. The purpose of a dream is not completely understood, but many people have been trying to rationalize why they exist for many years.

What most people don’t understand though, is the off-chance that the subconscious is not really dreaming, but escaping the known reality to another plane of existence. A different reality, space or time, that is usually achieved by coma patients or those with an extreme amount of over-exhaustion, anxiety or a trigger effect from trauma.

Most like to believe that when these moments happen, they are actually a Deus Ex Machina filled with the answers they need. They wake up changing their behavior, believing that they have to fulfill a sudden prophecy. What they experience becomes so real, that the moment they wake up, it’s all they want to believe. Continue reading