Gender Neutral

There was something about Beyond ( Two Souls) that I feel was a missed opportunity. It was over a conversation I had with some friends. When the night grows darker, and one decides to call it, he always suddenly brings up the most interesting discussions before he leaves. It’s a funny way of ┬ápreventing himself from going anywhere. As if there’s a part of him that forgets until last minute, the things he really wants to talk about. Then he’s stuck at the door with a yammering that lasts roughly one or three hours.

The conversation was the typical one about the state of the industry in which we care dearly about. The boobie ladies, the racial undertones, all because it’s interesting. But then Beyond ( One and a half Jodies) was brought up, by whom I can’t remember, but it was about Ayden,┬áJodie’s spirit animal. The thing about Aidan is that it is a ‘he’. They give identity to a spirit in masculine form since the beginning of Jodie’s childhood, and it makes me wonder why, if only a little. Continue reading