Nostalgia Crutch

I am a fan of the Ninja Turtles. I’ve been just as big a fan of it in my adulthood, as I’ve been in my youth. But I suppose I make it pretty obvious. I keep finding myself watching cartoons, movies and reading comics about those ‘renaissance mutants’, and I share from time to time that TMNT is still pretty cool.

But I also know when it’s not for me. There’s plenty of times in the franchise’s history when something about it was atrocious, dare I say blasphemous. But every iteration is open to whatever kind of story it wants to tell. It’s never been 100% consistent on it’s 29 years of existence, with retcons, reboots, and loose interpretations all over the place.

The new Nickelodeon cartoon is doing quite well, and they really try the hit those nostalgic notes of the franchise while telling the story in their own way. The problem is Michael Bay’s live action interpretation of the franchise is never going to be what anyone will want it to be. Continue reading