Wordsmythe pilot (e01)

So guys, check it out. here’s a short pilot for a show idea that I have. I could tell you where the inspiration came from, but I’m probably going to have to save that for another time.

In this show, I plan to discuss words and/or phrases, no matter how obscure that they may be. Language is practically a lost art, as we shorten everything down for our simpler attention spans. So why not do something that has a little fun.


create derivative

Forgive my pedanticĀ behaviourĀ in a moment to be auspicious. I’m humbly before you in an act of kindness most modest. It excrutiates me utmost for the troubles of my own grand design.

Doth it not say, “Thou shalt not worship false idols”? Do I protest in bearing false witness? Well judge not lest ye be judged. I’m hyperventilative in my execution, and constantly come forth only to apologize, for the behaviour in which I procure from other beings. In 1984 when I wrote a story at summer camp about governing bodies controlling the whimsy of society, I only have myself to blame all of you. It is mere coincidence that word for word happens between stories, for we all form a mind that is one in the same. Continue reading