Routine – ED12

Waves Coffee on Richards and Hastings

Waves Coffee on Richards and Hastings

To be honest I stumbled into it at first. I started going there because I wanted to fit in with a certain crowd at school. The kind of crowd that’s bad for you, but at least you’re willing to give it a try. Through trials and tribulations I found one friend that I stick with though they are back on the other side of the world.

It was a place such as this that helped bond us.

Over the years, a lot has happened here. I’ve felt many emotions as I’ve caught up with friends, got plenty of work done. Sure I’m a creature of habit and I like familiarity. Yet through the monotony, so many new and different things happen.

Scenery changes, the people come and go, but the coffee is still great.

I try not to drink as much coffee as I do every day, I have more than enough at home and have no need to go out. But for some reason whenever I go downtown, a trip never feels complete until I pay a visit to this Waves.

Call it comfort I guess…


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