News Friends – Godfrey’s birthday party at the art gallery

That’s right, the NEWS FRIENDS took to the streets of the Vancouver Art Gallery on monday to talk to people that gathered around for Godfrey’s birthday party.

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Routine – ED12

Waves Coffee on Richards and Hastings

Waves Coffee on Richards and Hastings

To be honest I stumbled into it at first. I started going there because I wanted to fit in with a certain crowd at school. The kind of crowd that’s bad for you, but at least you’re willing to give it a try. Through trials and tribulations I found one friend that I stick with though they are back on the other side of the world.

It was a place such as this that helped bond us.

Over the years, a lot has happened here. I’ve felt many emotions as I’ve caught up with friends, got plenty of work done. Sure I’m a creature of habit and I like familiarity. Yet through the monotony, so many new and different things happen.

Scenery changes, the people come and go, but the coffee is still great.

I try not to drink as much coffee as I do every day, I have more than enough at home and have no need to go out. But for some reason whenever I go downtown, a trip never feels complete until I pay a visit to this Waves.

Call it comfort I guess…