Sundays will probably get a whole lot artier.

At least, that’s the theory.

It’s no secret that I’ve been brainstorming a lot here and there for things to do on idealoclast ever since I’ve made that patreon page. I’m not shying away from the fact that I do take this stuff in a serious stride. It’s a fun stride and I do what I can, but when I have to juggle a show along side writing for a living, it does burn me out here and there.

Unless I’m doing something for funsies.

Starting on sundays (if I’m not too busy. It could be every sunday, or every second sunday, or whenever I can sunday.) A live video art jam will share the same space of those wonderful Let’s Walk videos on the youtube channel. A google+ hangout will happen where I will be on my own, or with a couple of friends, perhaps even open up a slot to patrons to the idealoclast blog. (actually, if you think about it, Patreon patrons should probably get first dibs, yeah?)

From there we will be wonderfully thematic for 1.5hrs/2hrs generally having a wonderful time “Arting it up.”

The general plan is to jam on Sunday afternoons, those that wish to watch and participate that way, I will tweet the link to the feed (@lylylylyk). Otherwise when all is said and done, the archived video and pictures will be shared in a following blog post right here on idealoclast.

It will in a lovely gallery format shown by some of my artwork below, for example:

So if this is your thing, then save March 16th as a date you would participate on said Art Jams with. We’ll make it such a thing!

And follow the tweets of @lylylylyk for any updates on the matter. 


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