quiet arty day

It’s sunday afternoon, it’s time for an art Jam!

So as said previously, starting on Sundays at 3pm PDT (I don’t know if a time was set before, but it’s certainly set now.), but really I’m going to be messing around with Technology till then.

Live feed below what it is live: ( I think.. It should embed.)(but there’s also this link here)

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Sundays will probably get a whole lot artier.

At least, that’s the theory.

It’s no secret that I’ve been brainstorming a lot here and there for things to do on idealoclast ever since I’ve made that patreon page. I’m not shying away from the fact that I do take this stuff in a serious stride. It’s a fun stride and I do what I can, but when I have to juggle a show along side writing for a living, it does burn me out here and there.

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