Warriors of a Greyer area

The first time I’ve ever heard the phrase “Social Justice Warrior” uttered out of anyone’s mouth, it was for a place an time where social justice was not needed.

It more or less had something to do with video games.

So because of that, my understanding of it is being ‘a made up phrase’ that children use to express their annoyance towards people standing up for others. It used to be something like “white knight” but that is a phrase exclusively for boys. White Knight is outdated. If I’m not mistaken the fundamentals, opinions, and self esteem of the white male is actually no longer a thing that people listen to.( If only because we know how much women can stand up for themselves)

But as well as feminism, the internet has since evolved into a war zone for minorities.

Which I say in jest, but I know it could easily to be taken the wrong way. In fairness there’s no such thing as a minority on the internet. People are no longer small communities inhabiting a percentage of a country, they’re an entire world equal to and possibly greater than white people. So the idea of being repressed shouldn’t be a concept because now, (more than ever) we’re all on the same field, playing the same thing, having the same problems.

But, we’re still in a habit of segregating ourselves from other things, and forcing agendas that don’t exist for the sake of our own benefit.

So when I hear ‘Social Justice Warrior’ and I know full well that it doesn’t mean anything, there are those which will wear it proudly like a badge. It’s like soulless mid forties white men who are proud enough to call themselves bronies, but you know are just one step away from it being an excuse for a sex offender.

There are people who tend to wear the badge, but do not seem to do it for the benefit of everyone else. Almost as if they have nothing better to do with their time, will take to twitter/tumblr make a compelling case why you should dislike something and rally everyone together. In the heat of the moment will declare themselves trailblazers in social media/management, make themselves available for public speaking (idealoclast @ gmail . com ), and plaster their ungodly opinion all over the internet as if it’s now a business. ( You should really check out this let’s walk with Kite tales and I. we’re probably the smartest people on the internet.)

Needless to say, I’m actually happy that this isn’t the only thing I’m doing with my life.

I already have a firm belief on what the problem is. It’s actually a lot like the point I’ve made in the article about transphobia. Problems like these, in why we lash out in whatever fashion we seem to, isn’t about justice of any kind. More than often from what I see, it’s because these people aren’t comfortable with themselves. So they’re willing to take an indirect scenario, call it their problem, and force it onto everybody else.

On one side, I could be wrong. Hell, I’d like to be. But even still, this comic is the best representation for the way things are on the internet. We give people the opportunity to be bat shit crazy, because we’re well aware of the problems out there and become sensitive or outspoken enough to want something done about it.

The real problem about everything is, if there’s something we dislike the impulse is always to get other people to fix it for us. The more we nag, the more bitter/cynical we become and then we become so far off from being the change that we want to see in the world.

If there’s anything you want in the world to get better, it starts with an idea that you have. It doesn’t start with mobs.


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