When you want to be more than a Tomodachi

#MiiQuality is the mission of one boy, to get enough people to demand having homosexual relationships. To be clear there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but there is a basis for misunderstanding what the game is about.

After the cut is the video for #MiiQuality if, heaven forbid, you haven’t seen it yet:

I think even before I begin to (try to) sound coherent, here is a beautifully written article on Gamasutra about the whole topic at hand. I want to put more emphasis on what Christian Nutt is saying, more than I do because he’s played the game.

Here’s why:

In the beginning of the video, Tye points out that he can’t get married to the one he loves without gaming the system. Even though random absurdity with friends and soap opera like situations, are the main selling point of the game, He’d rather it reflect his real life.

image_318334_460I’ve been in that situation plenty of times myself. Often when I play games like ‘The Sims’, I never “play”. I spend all that time working jobs, writing books and making hobbies, that I never explore the far reaches of silliness that game is probably capable of. I want to relax when I play games like that, and sometimes I feel it gets complicated when I start having relationships and children. Suddenly I have to have so many clicks-per-second, to make sure a family of five is always doing awesome.

That’s my fault though, because I always seem to click to WooHoo option far too much.

But in Tye’s case, being married to his sexual preference is incredibly important to him. He’s got a Facebook, a twitter, and a tumblr to make that point known. I think it’s nice and it should have support because why not.

I can only hope that people have been supporting the movement in a mature way and not labelling Nintendo as terrible/homophobic or even alienating because they just make games to make fun experiences. (Most Nintendo franchises never go beyond ‘kid-friendly, into the realm of adult-needs.) 

At the very least, publications and bloggers won’t write nonsensical click-bait articles reprimanding Nintendo for being in a situation that society forced them into|.

In a way it’s kind of funny, the whole representation of the Mii is in-fact incredibly vague. The only thing that separates male and female Miis is a shirt that is fanned outward at the bottom. Every other feature that you can give a Mii is quite open ended and is not stuck to any particular gender. In fact, it’s not so much male/female as it is ‘one is more effeminate than the other’. So In terms of the #Miiquality itself? Mii’s are already equal, parading around as genderless avatars.

Tomodachi-Collection-nintendo-cortesia-640x280-14052013-480x225So, even if the game is quite limiting in having those same sex relationships, you can allow yourself to have fun with it and see what you can do as a work around. Something like making your mii and classifying it as a female ( or male), is a strange concept, but something that may not be too far fetched from whatever this game is probably supposed to be. You can inhabit an island where men play both male and female roles, and the entire game itself is really becoming of an all-male play.

While the option to have a same sex relationship will not be a part of the game, I encourage you to explore the title and see what it’s capable of. It’s so much more than getting married and having kids. It’s about doing weird things with your friends. Truth to be told, it’s probably more of a passive experience than you think. Even if you could have a relationship with your real-life partner, the game may just put your Mii in a completely different direction in life. And it’s not going to matter, because you’ll be having fun.

I hope Tye at least gets his hands on the game and plays it to have a better understanding of what he wants out of it. How he plays will at least let Nintendo know what they can do with the future of that franchise.

Either way, Nintendo really does pay attention to their audience.


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