This is an update to be upfront about what goes on behind the scenes without going completely dark on those that would/are following this blog.  The story short is “Hey, I’ve been busy.” The explanation is as follows:

It’s been a while since I’ve sat here in front of this computer and given myself a real genuine moment to write something. After spending a week doing a show that had not been as received as I’d want to believe, and other things about life that generally have bummed me out, I’ve practically taken a sabbatical.

So when things get drastic the best option is to be desperate to see fit.

Things have changed a little, and things may change around even more. I have taken a job that will take up a good majority of this time that I want to devote to writing ( a lot of things). Funny is that it’s been one of those things that I absolutely detest but it’s the only thing available.

I don’t think I’d ever want to bring myself to stop though, because I love this stuff. I enjoy the articles I write, the research I find myself doing for and after topics… and I really enjoy the lets walks for the personal level of exchange with people that I get to know more of, or know for the first time.

Though, if it’s one thing I’ve learned with this experience is that ambition can make a judgement cloudy. I know I can’t ask those to enjoy things the way I’d want them to. I have to keep going at my own pace, and others are free to tag along if they want to.

So. Does it change the pace at which I want to write? Yes. does it change the content itself? Hardly. I like what I do here and I want to keep doing it, but now everything will be few and far between.

Though the next Let’s Walk should really be happening any time soon. We’ll walk the Seawall together, it’ll be a nice sunny day.


So keep tight, keep checking, if you ever feel like bringing something to my attention or wanting me to comment on something then drop me a line with the emails or these comment boxes below. In an effort to be passive-aggressive to myself, be a fan of the youtube channel, follow the tweety box for updates and general buffoonery and show support if you feel like it. There’s an irony in having no real need to doing that now that you think about it, but there’s also the off chance that it’ll help me continue to do this stuff.


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