No Unity

I suppose I’m in the same boat as a lot of people, with the news Ubisoft couldn’t add a female assassin to the game to the the amount of extra production work that would happen.

It’s baffling considering that they’ve had a female assassin before in the video game, Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation. Then again Animator Jonathan Cooper shed light on the fact that even see was cheated. Explaining that, as they were making Liberation along side AC3, a bunch of Aveline de Grandpré’s animation was borrowed from Connor. 

It does make me curious as to why they don’t really want to bother with it. There’s something about Unity’s setting… Something about the French Revolution that made having a female assassin seem perfect. That period in time stood for a lot of things, and it surprises me to hear that a company comprised of various ethnicity and religious backgrounds/beliefs and all that pr buzz, that they never even thought about it.

After Assassin’s creed 2 was such a success, Ubisoft started coming off as a company that was happy and willing to run that franchise into the ground. Every game was the same thing over and over again, and they kept doing silly tweaks, exhausting everything that used to be fun about the franchise.

Maybe you can think of it this way, If the gameplay has run it’s course, the thing that you should really focus on (instead) is the characters and story. Everything That Unity has to offer, are things that have already been done before. Adding larger crowds and prettier graphics isn’t really that exciting in the grand-scheme of things. Stabbing dudes from rooftops and doing that along side 3 other characters is garbage at this point because of course you can do that.

I can’t say that I have the ideas Ubisoft needs to make the game awesome. I can’t even really say if having a female main character would even do that series any good anymore. But if there was an idea to have a female assassin in the game, but had to be taken out due to time… then maybe you should have given yourself more time.

Good games are made when work is put into them. Good games are made when you take as much time as you need to get something right. I’m saying this, because Assassin’s Creed hasn’t been good for a very long time, and anyone within this giant company of various ethnicities and beliefs would have caught on, especially since there’s a lot more of that outside of a company that seems to spend a lot more time talking big, then actually delivering.

Half of the reason why I felt the need to talk a little bit about it, is because of how much a topic like this can get out of hand on the internet. It bums me out when an employee’s poorly worded on the spot statement gets ripped apart by everyone looking for a reason to get mad. It’s also equally ridiculous when gameblogs/sites dedicate 3-5 articles about how Ubisoft is terrible for saying this, but then follow it up with raving preview footage and screen-shots.

As terrible as it sounded, that’s no reason to knee-jerk about it. Whether you call yourself a Social Justice Warrior, or make up something called “Men’s rights activists”, there’s a time and a place to go for blood on a person or a company that have to safely and sensitively word anything, so everyone can be happy.

That time is never, because this isn’t a perfect world. You can’t force things out of people just because you want them to, and that’s the problem. Ubisoft can either suck it up and make one of the co-op players female, or that can take all of this feedback and think about it for  the next game.

Me personally though, I just don’t care about the series anymore. (and actually haven’t for quite some time.)


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