Daniel Wyke part 7

The pirate queen of five different seas. Malenka St. Clair is an enigma, compared to other pirate captains. While most take to the ocean so they can live by a code of unruly behaviour, Malenka chose a life on the ocean to get away from her own.

Born Malenka Oberst to a poor family, in a time where great economic problems befell the country. Though the husband and wife were proud of their newborn daughter, they knew they could not support her. Within weeks of her birth they put her up for sale, hoping that she would be granted a better life and anyone looking for a child would make a generous offer.

Victoria St Clair was one such socialite that heard about the child. A kind woman that always wanted one for her own, but absolutely could not conceive. That reason was not out of infertility, but because she feared what pregnancy might do to her body.

A small but generous handful of gold pieces were given to the couple, and the baby parted from her parents, to a life much more luxurious.

Though she was raised to be a lady; around the age of 15, Malenka felt more comfort in getting her hands dirty. She would often run errands, help housemaids with daily chores, and organize the books at Richard St. Clair’s accounting firm. She was seen as an important investment to Richard, because she would never ask questions and always get the work done.

Her efficiency and ambition helped make serious profits, which eventually came into question around the town. Signs of embezzlement were starting to show up in the office books and an investigation was sniffing around the St. Clair estate.

For years, Richard was stealing money from various government officials. His rational thinking was that he deemed it as a sense of justice, because of their corruption. But it came back to bite him in the ass when a gang of men knocked the door down and were given orders to cause harm to the family.

The house was set on fire, and both Richard and Victoria were stabbed to death. They cornered Malenka, about to give her the same fate, but she fought back. One of the men swung at her with his blade, but her small frame and agility made it difficult. She quickly moved out of the way and grabbed his arm, moving it into his abdomen. She then grabbed him by the head and threw it into a nearby window, shattering it open.

She jumped through and ran as far away as she could.

The next 10 years of her life were drifting from various towns in fear of being hunted. She would take on odd jobs to earn enough money to eat and travel to the next town. She never got attached to anyone, never made friends, and when anyone asked about where she came from, she would spin a tale off the top of her head until people were done asking questions. ( Ironically, it’s where most legends of the great Pirate Malenka St. Clair got their start.)

It wasn’t until she reached the port city of Ammarschmit, were her life took another turn. It was there that she met Kale. A slender, shaggy looking man in a long over coat celebrating the life in a bar next to the port. She investigated due to his loudness and the fact that he wouldn’t shut-up about the ocean.

When she asked him what he did, the man bragged about being a pirate and about all of the places he’s been. Hearing about it got her excited and demanded that he take her aboard his boat, but the only way Kale would accept is if she beat him in a challenge.

With a bottle already in his hand, he challenged her to a drinking contest. Slammed a small glass down in front of her and filled it up, goading her into something she’s never done before. But before she even took a sip, Kale immediately fell over losing the challenge. All because of the 3 and a half bottles of Rum he downed beforehand.

Always one wanting to be responsible, she helped him to his ship and stayed by his side until he was well the next morning. It was her hospitable nature that he was grateful for and let her stay aboard.

In her sophomoric year at sea, Kale would mentor her in the ways of being a pirate. He taught her how to work the ship, how to care for it, and especially how to fight for it. Early every morning, he trained Malenka on how to use a blade and pistol and would not stop stop until she mastered both.

Within that time Malenka finally felt like she had a father again, but it was a relationship that would come to pass much too soon.

During a heavy storm, as the ship was battling heavy winds and large waves. A giant sea creature came up from under the ocean. Never seeing anything like it before, Kale insisted that his crew try to capture it. Such a monster could be worth it’s weight in gold.

The ship hastily moved as best as it could toward the creature. Kale ran to the bow of the ship, navigating his crew and throwing as many harpoons as he could toward the bounty. The Creature reacted on instinct and hit the boat with it’s tail. Making Kale lose his footing, calling off the side of the boat and drowning into the angry waters below.

The creature disappeared into the deep ocean, and within moments the storm calmed down. Though the crew tried, they could not find their captain anywhere.

To keep the morale of the crew up, they put a vote to who would be the next captain. Malenka stepped up and challenged the crew, putting everything she learned from Kale to use. The rest of the crew decided it was no contest and made her the new captain, if only because nobody shared the same amount of enthusiasm.

But what kind of captain was she? The answer to that was a mystery to everyone that’s ever crossed her path.  And as Daniel walked out of the Captain’s Quarters, the only question he had on his mind was, ‘What was she doing in that cave in the first place?’


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