Wyke Notes

I bought a journal a week before I started writing Daniel Wyke. It’s main purpose was to jot down all of the ideas/topics for the idealoclast website as a whole. (Things to research, opinions to elaborate on and such.) 

I’m about 40 pages in to the thing, and I got a kick out of all the notes I had written down (and doodles that have been had.)  So as a nice little interlude for all of this stuff, I decided to share. here are 5 pages from the book that touches up on the process of it.

If you can tell, there’s a lot of thing that stuck and there’s a couple of things that were subject to change. Imagine how things could have been differently, huh?

(and in the doodles, guess which one is Daniel.)

Sit tight, Dosjetka part will be coming soon…


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