Fancy Lad Weekend

First order of business coming out of school for the term was a fancy lad photo-shoot. You might ask yourself, Michael why?

Good question. I don’t have any answers other than some of my peers thought I looked very 19th century with my chops, and demanded such a shoot to happen.

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Wyke Notes

I bought a journal a week before I started writing Daniel Wyke. It’s main purpose was to jot down all of the ideas/topics for the idealoclast website as a whole. (Things to research, opinions to elaborate on and such.) 

I’m about 40 pages in to the thing, and I got a kick out of all the notes I had written down (and doodles that have been had.)  So as a nice little interlude for all of this stuff, I decided to share. here are 5 pages from the book that touches up on the process of it.

If you can tell, there’s a lot of thing that stuck and there’s a couple of things that were subject to change. Imagine how things could have been differently, huh?

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There’s a lot of people out there, that may not know how to properly express things with words. Years have proven that us, as everyday human beings, have a hard time conveying the things we really want to say. Sometimes our hellos slip-out into a conversation that is suddenly compared to nazi’s before you even get around to introducing yourself.

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