Sunday Social Club 09/28/14

miceatplayI’m going to be honest. Today I can’t really bother to do much of anything. I should be spending this weekend slaving over the knowledge of our Canadian constitution, in hopes that I’d be able to retain some of that knowledge.

Friday evening the Vancouver Press Club had an FOI (Freedom of Information) workshop. It had a lot to do with the process involved in getting information out of government because of a public right. 4 panelists shared stories and mishaps of dealing with the process, and it was a very evening.

It’s only right that I share incase there is just as much curiosity out there for budding journalists in Canada:

Donkeys have been reunited in a zoo-exhibit after the scandal that involved them always having sex. I’m happy that they’re together, it’s only a part of life and it’s not exactly their fault that the Donkeys are always on display.

Man shot house because he didn’t understand any other way to unload the gun.

My favourite youtube channel ever, appears to be back online.

Sam Pepper does controversial internet video thing, and something uglier unravels. It probably gives a little reservations towards the kinds of people that have popular youtube channels.

How about some Halloween costume advice? And you wonder why I’m such an Advocate for the Halloween of old.

WELL, that’s it. I’m done for the day. I really need to go back to my Poli Sci readings. As usual, Get Social in the comments below and defiantly post anything that I might have missed this week.

And so goes by another week where I haven’t posted anything else onto the blog and I feel really bad about that.


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