Sunday Social Club 10/05/14



Happy Ink-tober month. I hope we all challenge ourselves to ink a fabulous drawing once a day for the entire month.

What? You don’t know how to draw? I don’t know what month can apply to you then… Rocktober? Shocktober? Drunktober? Whatever it is you’re going to be doing this month, make sure to end it by wearing the SCARIEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME POSSIBLE, and not be this guy.

Now let’s continue with the rest of the blog post, in which I share links that I have either fav’d or RT’d from my twitter feed.

I’d really like to understand the approval process that merchandise needs to go through when it involves a large company’s franchises. If you were to give that t-shirt the benefit of the doubt. “Training to be Batman’s wife.” could only mean that Batman is emotionally distant and the only way he’ll ever love you is if survive just as much danger as he puts himself in.

The girly font is just for fun.

Those looking for Canadian grown content on the olde picture box should look no further than Strange Empire. A Q&A of actress Cara Gee was posted on Oct 3rd, in which she talks about being a bad-ass metis woman in the 1869 western frontier.

If you’re American and you don’t have CBC, you should probably find a way to get it, just for that show.

A bunch of 4chan users write down cute little messages in-front of their faces (I guess to hide their identity.) and share was the notorious website means to them. So now we all have a better understanding of the internet.

Burglar breaks into home. Gets retrained, goes unconscious and it later declared dead. Oops.

Let’s talk about Politico talking about Assassinating the president, because we need the hits for our website but not necessarily the publicity that follows afterwards.

I like to fantasize about doing something to the president too. It involves asking him to join my amateur bowling team, and then later go for nachos. I really don’t think the secret service cares at this point.

Tweet of the week:


Jeopardy is in Jeopardy over seemingly sexist display of a question category. I’m sure #notallwomen want these things that the game show has put into general terms, but some women would agree or care.. right? I mean, you could laugh at this in the same way a comedian makes a hillarious observation.

Or is it always going to be off-limits for at least the next 30 years.

That’s it for the post this sunday. I’ve been doing some videogame blogging on the side on my giantbomb profile, the latest one being about Hyrule Warriors. So if that’s your thing, then that’s a thing to look at.

But as I send you off into the howling night of the October moon, remember to comment below about the weeks news, and share anything I might have missed that you found interesting.

So until next Sunday, keep talkin’. Stay interested in the world around you.


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