Sunday Social Club 10/12/14

Holidaydinner3HAPPY THANKSGIVING. If you haven’t figured it out by that beginning phrase, I’m a Canadian living in Canada doing Canadian things. One of those Canadian things is the chance to have Thanksgiving dinner before any American does.

So I can tell you what to look forward to.

Mind you, because it’s the thanksgiving weekend, I might keep this post short, who knows. One thing’s for sure. This #Gamergate thing is certainly a hell of a lot of nonsense.

It’s hard not to look at it subjectively sometimes considering it’s an industry I’ve always been fond of. But stuff like this continues to happen and the children that are instigating this nonsense don’t understand the repercussions of it.

Oh let’s just get your mind off of it:

THERE That’s it. It’s a short one. I don’t care, it’s a holiday I’m watching movies and I have to study for midterms.

But let’s have this as an open forum to talk about #gamergate. I know everyone has an opinion about it, and they’re all extreme. But that’s the way it is I guess, forceful opinions and such.

try to have a good day.


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