Post Mortimer

75px-TortimerThere was a time, long ago when Conan O’Brien still had the ‘Late Night’ show, and the musical guest at the time was D12. The song that they was rapping was My Band, something absolutely crucial as an ensemble piece.

In-between all their verses, they would just start shouting “Where’s Marshal!?” as if Eminem, the man himself (and arguably who the song is really all about) is missing and nowhere to be found. 

Well rightfully so, that doesn’t actually mean anything because I’m right here. The hustle and bustle of the school term is out of the way, so now I can go back to getting some work did for the site.

TortimerNLFirst off, I would like to direct you to what would eventually (or is supposed to be… not sure) my professional-journo-writing-portfolio. I do not use it that much at the moment, but you can see that I will probably straighten it out and put up my best bits. For example the collection of comics we did for our run of the paper.

On the subject of Podcasting, I should be getting back into it this summer, and do something regularly again. Whether it’s about video games or News (or both in some fashion) is uncertain at the moment. BUT ON THE SUBJECT, our broadcast project can be listen to HERE to tickle your fancy, don’t expect to hear me I was technical director. But I’m really proud of how it turned out.

If video content is your thing, I might try something differently around here. There is one episode of game club yet to be released, maybe I’ll get back into wordsmythe, and try a different way to do it.

Back on subject with Langara, Our end of the term broadcast is on the youtubes, please have a look below. That was another great project to work on. (Once again, you will not see me, I was a cameraman and editor. I was really good at that stuff and they were happy to have me help that way every time.)

With any luck, idealoclast will be back to some sort of regualr schedule, and we can all act like nothing happened.

Even though it did.

And it was pretty desolate.



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