on disruptive behaviour

newsgetter04You ever notice the behaviour that civilians seem to have these days when it comes to live news cameras? Whether it’s being interviewed or just walking past it, they lack a certain morality on purpose.

Take for example, the guy that decided to stand in-between a reporter and his camera during the news of an oil spill that happened in Vancouver some days back:

It’s hard to actually understand where this guy is coming from. Is he practicing his camera work and hoping Global would notice? Is he trying to be viral? Is he just a moron? Whatever the case was with this dude, there’s a time and a place and he chose poorly.

But it’s not as if the internet is the thing that makes people disruptive. It’s a tale as old as time that people see a camera and start to dance like a monkey at the thought of being on TV.

Be that as it may, a reporter comes along and takes advantage of disruptive people in a way that make me really happy. Hey, Why not? Let’s play that game:


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