On layoffs

newgetter05When I was younger, CBC was one of two channels that we had for a while. I was mostly infatuated with television growing up, the government funded channel, as well CBC radio, were things I listened to/watched throughout most of my life.

It was only fitting that I would attend journalism school with CBC in my sights, still as that dream job in the back of my mind. Continue reading

on disruptive behaviour

newsgetter04You ever notice the behaviour that civilians seem to have these days when it comes to live news cameras? Whether it’s being interviewed or just walking past it, they lack a certain morality on purpose.

Take for example, the guy that decided to stand in-between a reporter and his camera during the news of an oil spill that happened in Vancouver some days back:

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A strip of a beginning

newsgetter01The original idea I had for this website wasn’t so much about telling the internet children ‘what for’ but as an excuse to draw comics again.

Newsgetter press, was about a tiny little newsroom, aspiring to write about the events of the day to the younger demographic. It would be topical to a long winded blog post attempting to explain what the strip was event about.

As much as I enjoyed the idea, I didn’t feel like I could muster up enough enthusiasm to keep drawing even if the plan was a two strip a week basis, so the whole thing was put on the back-burner, and idealoclast existed instead.

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