On layoffs

newgetter05When I was younger, CBC was one of two channels that we had for a while. I was mostly infatuated with television growing up, the government funded channel, as well CBC radio, were things I listened to/watched throughout most of my life.

It was only fitting that I would attend journalism school with CBC in my sights, still as that dream job in the back of my mind.

Which is why it’s direction that it’s taking is really bumming me out. With it’s lacklustre support from the government, the broadcasting station that I always looked toward as an institution, is now going through the process of trying to thrive in the modern age.

A more social media focus… I think?

I’m not really hear to get my facts straight on the matter, I’m just here to air my grievances on where exactly my future will be once I come out of Journalism school. I worry, because it’s a process to figure out where exactly I fit in.

At this point, you could argue that there’s too much journalists, for the same reason there’s too many actors and musicians in this city. It’s true to an extent. A lot of publications are coming and going because there’s no reason to have so many of them.

But if CBC is getting smaller, then how exactly are smaller places going to get bigger?

I don’t have an answer for any of this stuff, because I’m just sitting around and speculating. In the past couple of weeks I’ve heard so many places drop the word ‘startup’ as if it’s the biggest buzzword to hit the journalism world.

But would it be better to try and get a job in something already established, or start my own thing?  Perhaps subconsciously, that’s why something like NewsFriends was created? I want something to do over the summer till the next term starts up, but who knows what it’ll turn into if we continue doing it?

Honestly, I don’t really care where I will end up (if I end up anywhere.) I just want to thrive in a space that let’s me do what I love to do, and that is produce content.



3 thoughts on “On layoffs

  1. I totally agree with you. I want the best for the CBC because it plays such a big role in Canadian culture (whether people like to admit it or not is a whole other thing). I too am bummed out about it’s direction over the past couple years. Maybe Shad will shed some much needed light on the new ‘q’ program on CBC radio…

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