I can’t help but be interested in analytics

As you know I’ve been acting as grand poobah for Newsfriends.net for some time. It’s never really my intention to be the most active for it, but my creative controlling nature has me constantly poking and prodding at the seams thinking “What can we do? How can we do it? when can we do it?”

There’s an incredibly strange story that has something to do with a solid object shaped like a poo, It’s honestly a bit hard to understand why the story could get a lot of attention but here we are in this world we live in.

The reason why I bring it up is because News Friends is an incredibly fresh podcast, It’s at least a month old. I can’t/won’t really expect anything out of traffic for at least a little while longer. Which is why it’s current state became so interesting to me in the past couple of weeks.

As the story goes, the turd has had a difficult time staying in one place. And imperviously positive website VancouverIsAwesome stayed on that shit like a house fly, and for whatever reason kept referring to us (‘then’ reporters for the Langara Voice) about the story on Geocaching that the turd ended up actually being a part of.


fig. 01 ‘Leaving an impression’

So it always felt like the ball was being thrown into our court, and wanted some sort of response. So we complied. I personally felt like it’d be a great opportunity for us to get a little bit of exposer, and it turns out that’s exactly what happened. (via, picture on the right, and a bit more in-depth here) It was a bit of a surprise to see just how many feeds it reached within that time and it got me all sorts of excited.

But then I quickly realize, that with twitter analytics, impressions are not actually indicative of how many people actually look at the link. It’s the engagements themselves that is the number to notice, but even that is clumped together with how many click on the tweet, expand the tweet, click on the profile from the tweet, fav and retweet it.

At the end of the day, those that might have actually clicked on the link to see the video are actually a small percentage.

The comes the other part to this poo saga that I found even more interesting.

Most days, we record the podcast on Tuesday and I leave it for the evening to edit and post around that time/wednesday morning. Last week was a particularly quick week because I stayed behind to edit it in the studio, because I was going to something else that evening and I figured I had this time to kill, why not?

Even our facebook page can tell you it doesn’t have that big of a reach right now. But there was an article that we put up a day-or-two previously, that ended up getting much more attention that I’d have anticipated: A short interview with the man behind the poo.

Easily eliminating the fact that we had a new podcast up, the 4-5 question interview became the most viewed thing on NewsFriends this week… But that’s not even the interesting part.

All of those hits track where they come from, and it turns out they’re all mostly from Australia.

“Australia?!?,” I say to myself, “why? is Australia so interested in a little poo story from Vancouver?” I mean, do they know the guy? Is there a large geocaching community down under? perhaps it’s a story worth tracking. Maybe Australia has a deeper obsession with poop that Canada does?

But it’s because of things like this that get me deeply interested in Analytics.

And really, I’m DEEP in it.


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