Two ‘Business types’ enjoying a walk.

It’s been two weeks since we’ve been on a walk together, hasn’t it?

In that time, we’ve learned so much, we’ve seen many things. Read stories about protests, wars, missing planes, and celebrities that do the darnedest of things.

It’s time for us to once again, heed that call of our shoes. Put them on, And take those steps to enjoy the world around us. Share a conversation of sorts.

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mr. sneaumann – ED07


Snow in Vancouver is a rarity more often than naught.

but even the most minimal amount can make due for anyone that loves the season.

Take this little snow man waiting for a bus. A companion in wait, keeping you company till the 144 arrives to take you to school. A mossy little hat and a twig like nose. much attune to being an ornament of nature.

It’s stay is welcome, but it knows the rain will soon come to wash it away.

Spending most of my life in Central Canada, it’s probably the one season I miss the most. Snow ball fights, street hockey, hot cocoa on a ski-coo while ice-fishing. There’s something about snow that just excites adventure and fun.

But in Vancouver, if you blink you’ll miss it…

At the very least sit on it.

(eye)deal 001


This is the third picture I’ve taken with my iPhone. It’s almost embarrassing to admit sometimes that my photography is exclusive to the device. Yet what it’s capable of goes without saying on the contrary.

I can’t really take photography seriously. Most people I know seem to be “professional” about it. It’s humorous in it’s ways because you have to understand how I feel about the subject. Everyone can hold a camera, and a lot of people do. You can take classes on how to do everything right: The tools, the equipment, the aperture, white balance, focus. But it doesn’t really mean anything if you don’t have an eye for it in the first place. Continue reading