(eye)deal 001


This is the third picture I’ve taken with my iPhone. It’s almost embarrassing to admit sometimes that my photography is exclusive to the device. Yet what it’s capable of goes without saying on the contrary.

I can’t really take photography seriously. Most people I know seem to be “professional” about it. It’s humorous in it’s ways because you have to understand how I feel about the subject. Everyone can hold a camera, and a lot of people do. You can take classes on how to do everything right: The tools, the equipment, the aperture, white balance, focus. But it doesn’t really mean anything if you don’t have an eye for it in the first place.

What always turns me away from the subject is the people that talk about it. Most likely the reason is, if you’re a photographer I want you to show me. Represent the profession you choose to dabble in, and we can talk over that. Like I’ve said, I know a lot of people that talk about being a photographer, but very few show it.

Such its the problem with having a camera in every device these days.

So I’m sifting through my phone, and I’m going to be digging up photos. Some will have stories, some will just be what they are. I know I’m not a photographer, because I choose not to call myself that. Sure, I would love to own a Rebel t3, or an Alpha77 DSLR. But I’m an artist before I am anything else I can call myself.

The photo above was taken at the Sperling Skytrain Station in Burnaby, BC. Catching Traffic in any volume on a highway is a fascinating battle, but I suppose that depends on the shutter speed. The rain is always a perfect layer for any amount to bounce off, and the focus was a mock attempt to make the scene seem smaller than life. Almost as if it’s a toy. You’d never think that an 4S is capable of tilt-shift. Though it’s not quite there, the result was pleasantly surprising.

(eye)deal, is a plan to shift focus onto something to do. as much as I write, I have an eye for other things. Wether it’s this, or even theatrics.

Again, what is idealoclast if nothing but a series of experiments?


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