Sunday Social Club 10/12/14

Holidaydinner3HAPPY THANKSGIVING. If you haven’t figured it out by that beginning phrase, I’m a Canadian living in Canada doing Canadian things. One of those Canadian things is the chance to have Thanksgiving dinner before any American does.

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close the #gates

Watergate is forever known as the scandal that put an end to Richard Nixon. A break-in at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee that unravelled illegal activity, and Nixon had no choice but to resign.

Since then ‘Watergate’ has become synonymous with american political scandals. For everything else, there seems to be a liking for the later part of the word for anything else that may be deemed a controversy.

Gamergate, celebgate, bendgate. It’s definitely thrown around these days. Sure it sounds like it’s a little out of hand, but there’s been a definite reason for it. Continue reading

Sunday Social Club 09/07/14

It’s important to understand how we actually understand things. It’s fair to say that North America as a continent is sexually repressed when it comes to the rest of the world. We think women are over-sexualized, when in reality we’re over-sexualizing them in our own minds.

But in this day of internets, we rely on images and videos for gratification because we lack the ability to live life outside of our screens. Thus sexuality is reduced to images and we’re putting the female body on an unnecessary perverse pedestal.

But I’m sure someone will end up reading that paragraph and beg to differ.

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