straight outta purgatory

15 years is a long time when you think about it. I mean it normally is a long time, I don’t think anyone could argue it not being… But when you put it into the context of a new Cibo Matto album, you might turn your head to a side slightly, squint, and a deep inward voice will just say ‘huh’.

It’s probably because I have no real sense of time.

I originally discovered Cibo Matto in the game ‘Jet Set Radio Future‘ for the Xbox, (probably around the time they’ve disbanded.) and didn’t actually acquire Viva! La Woman and Stereo ★ Type A until a year later. So my enjoyment of the band was a little more than ‘late to the party.’

But looking back at it, I probably came in at the right time. As soon as I became entranced by both albums, I got enough of a fill of everyone’s solo pursuits at the same time. Yuka Honda going into a direction you can describe as an entry level Yoko Ono (given that Sean Lennon was one part CB, I guess it’s a no brainer), and Miho Hatori just pursuing whatever seems to interest her. Continue reading