Goty 2017 and why it’s better to be late than never

I know, it’s like 16 days into the new year and I simply haven’t made an attempt to write anything related to video games. (albeit in a very long time, irregardless of ‘game of the year’ lists.)

But, here is my attempt to fix that. Because I’m going to be honest, a lot of my focus toward the end of the year was to just produce video things. I think I would have to credit my friend Geoff for that. After being a regular contributor to his twitch talk show for almost the entire time it was on, I ended up catching the streaming bug pretty hard myself (Although these days it seems to be mostly about Overwatch, Truck Driving and cleaning up dead bodies.) 

And putting more focus into content for my NewsFriends podcast, as well as freelance video jobs I literally had zero time to think about anything to write.

So I went home for a bit, and I had time to think.


Pictured: A giant cigarette.

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West of the art form

“Ugh, you’re such a little slobber monster.”

Kanye West was coming out of the bedroom in his leather vest, sipping on a cup of Seattle’s Best. He could hear his wife Kim playing with the baby in the living room, North’s giggle was out in full bloom. His boyish demeanour always so curious/about his child, who to him was just mysterious. He doesn’t really like to go near her too often because babies give him the heebie-jeebies.

But for North, he tries.

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straight outta purgatory

15 years is a long time when you think about it. I mean it normally is a long time, I don’t think anyone could argue it not being… But when you put it into the context of a new Cibo Matto album, you might turn your head to a side slightly, squint, and a deep inward voice will just say ‘huh’.

It’s probably because I have no real sense of time.

I originally discovered Cibo Matto in the game ‘Jet Set Radio Future‘ for the Xbox, (probably around the time they’ve disbanded.) and didn’t actually acquire Viva! La Woman and Stereo ★ Type A until a year later. So my enjoyment of the band was a little more than ‘late to the party.’

But looking back at it, I probably came in at the right time. As soon as I became entranced by both albums, I got enough of a fill of everyone’s solo pursuits at the same time. Yuka Honda going into a direction you can describe as an entry level Yoko Ono (given that Sean Lennon was one part CB, I guess it’s a no brainer), and Miho Hatori just pursuing whatever seems to interest her. Continue reading

Not sure if want to listen.

Disclaimer: Given the nature of content in this article, I must take a stance and warn you before your ears start to burn. The topic of this article involves music that is, or has the potential to be offensive. Sexist, Racist music usually covers a wider perspective than you’re probably aware of. Now that I’ve covered my ground in letting you know that this is probably NOT SAFE FOR WORK, let’s have fun and explore the topic.

Robin Thicky’s Blurred Lines is under a lot of skins.  A song that was released over the summer, despite it’s pop like nature, became an involuntary anthem for rape.

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