Not sure if want to listen.

Disclaimer: Given the nature of content in this article, I must take a stance and warn you before your ears start to burn. The topic of this article involves music that is, or has the potential to be offensive. Sexist, Racist music usually covers a wider perspective than you’re probably aware of. Now that I’ve covered my ground in letting you know that this is probably NOT SAFE FOR WORK, let’s have fun and explore the topic.

Robin Thicky’s Blurred Lines is under a lot of skins.  A song that was released over the summer, despite it’s pop like nature, became an involuntary anthem for rape.

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Builds Character

Sometimes I have to wonder if it’s really just an obsession. The video game industry is in a weird spot right now where it has to decide how it wants to grow up. When we’re looking back, Movies, comics, television, music etc have all gone through this period where they’ve had to stand up to some kind of ideals for how their medium should be portrayed.

Games are not a special case by any means, it’s the medium ‘who’s turn it is’ to go through this process. But this is the thing that makes it weird: The complaints directed towards video games, are often in correlation to the mediums before it. The core component to a video game is it’s gameplay. Gameplay is often times never controversial. I know in the back of my head I should be thinking about shooters, and how that is often the center of controversy. But that’s more of a study in the mental health and stability of people, plus bad parenting. Continue reading

Newsrooms and Broomsticks

While everyone else I know is on the edge of their seat for Breaking Bad, I’m patiently waiting. Tweets about a dying man’s journey as a crime cooker, come ever so closer to an end this September. Even though I can say that I’ve finally watched the first season at least, my attention belongs to a different show… for one more week.

The Newsroom has been one of those shows that is remarkably niche. There really doesn’t seem to be anyone outside of this apartment, whom I know, that watch this show. Normally that’s something that makes me feel kind of awesome somehow. While everyone and their grandma is wondering #AmIUnderArrest, I get to watch the news that I’ve already seen a year ago. Complete with a bonus behind the scenes work around, and interesting/unnecessary drama. Continue reading