As the weird man with all the “money” continues to let twitter be dismantled ad nauseam (clearly assuming that’s a correct way to use this phrase.) Myself, much like other people, are wondering where we should go next. BUT LOOK, if you’ve been on the internet as long as I have you would know that nothing lasts forever. How many social spaces have exsisted long before twitter ever did?

Livejournal, myspace, the countless html to phpbb forums of your favorite webcomics/comedy sites.

Here we are once again, nomadic. for most of us, it’s just how it’s been for some it’s been too much of a home that you probably don’t want to leave it, maybe never will even after it’s held together by tape.

But as Musk continues to search his name and celebrate his own insignificance where exactly should I go from here?

Facebook is out of the question. Zucc is on a mission to commercialize lives for a Ready Player Dystopia.

Instagram used to be fun with it’s filters that were a throw back to old photography, but once Facebook bought it, the app lost it’s purpose and now it’s just an extension of Facebook… and I can’t stand the vain.

TikTok makes me feel old.

tumblr I could go back to lurking on, out of all the websites out there, it felt the most beneficial to artists. Early on, it at least gave me the same feeling that livejournal did. If artists do go back to it in troves, I may show up there again.

Mastodon, I’m still not sure. Due to it’s nature of various servers, I don’t really know where I fit in. It has to give me a specific feeling, it’s not quite there yet.

Cohost… eh.

Then there’s this site, I remember that I used to blog all the time, but when things happen in life, you end up just using motivation.

Whatever happens, I’m sure we’ll all be somewhere. Together with your favorite peers or wandering the internet wasteland once again and finding a new group of like minded folks.

maybe I will continue to tell myself to blog more.


Public displays of affliction


Some time ago, Gawker reported on a story of a teen that threw boiling water on a girl’s face. Allegedly, the reason was over the fact that the girl unfriended him on facebook. Instead of wondering or perhaps even just asking about it and moving on, Yudishthir Yadav locked the victim and her mother in a room, boiled a pot of water in the kitchen, and then proceeded to handle the situation in a rational manner.

But what is it that defined such a behaviour? Continue reading


It’s fair to say that we don’t need to talk all the time.

I have groundlings on my mind today, for some reason. The poor folks that stood on the ground, by the stage in the Globe Theatre in the 17th century. They could barely afford to watch a play conceived by Shakespeare, but when they could, they were happy enough to. Never quite had the luxury of sitting down comfortably, but they were at least lucky enough to have a front row spot occupying ‘the pit’.

Lucky is subjective. The popularity of Shakespeare’s plays would pack the house. Every square inch of the pit would be full of 500-or-so people, though these groundlings were entertained by a play, they would have to give up the freedom of space. The inhabitants of the pit were normally peasants, and tradesmen that would spend a days wage ( a single english penny, if I’m not mistaken). Being that close to the action with little room to move around, they were often rowdy. These folks would turn to heckling or throwing vegetables at the characters they wouldn’t like. Continue reading