A business deal virtually about reality

Mark Zuckerberg sat at his desk. Choosing the best pictures to upload to his Facebook profile that makes him look like a pretty cool guy. Since it’s inception, the social media website has been a carefully meticulous ploy to boost his own self esteem.

Nobody would have suspected that Facebook got as big as it did. Yet, nobody would have suspect millions of people to willingly be depressed in front of their electronic devices for the rest of their lives as well. He’s made piles of money from his investors taking data from millions of personal lives, and he’s had more than he’s ever wanted.

But he knew it wasn’t enough.

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Public displays of affliction


Some time ago, Gawker reported on a story of a teen that threw boiling water on a girl’s face. Allegedly, the reason was over the fact that the girl unfriended him on facebook. Instead of wondering or perhaps even just asking about it and moving on, Yudishthir Yadav locked the victim and her mother in a room, boiled a pot of water in the kitchen, and then proceeded to handle the situation in a rational manner.

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