Robbed Ford

“… I’m a happily married man, I have more than enough to eat at home.”

There’s a lot of things that Rob Ford could apologize for, sure. But a witty retort shouldn’t be one of them. That was the only thing I can think of over the weeks of media bombardment and suffering that man had to endure. While I’d don’t know the full extent of the man’s tenure as mayor (being on the opposite coast.) There was something about that statement that made me laugh, perhaps want to clap a little.

Sure, it’s crass. But nobody ever said wit was the high road. It’s definitely not shocking or appalling. It’s almost surprising that a man such as him could be capable of thinking on his feet. But from the outside looking in, I feel like I’m being treated to a fat lout of a buffoon. The media seems obsessed with poking and prodding him, treating him terribly. Continue reading