Robbed Ford

“… I’m a happily married man, I have more than enough to eat at home.”

There’s a lot of things that Rob Ford could apologize for, sure. But a witty retort shouldn’t be one of them. That was the only thing I can think of over the weeks of media bombardment and suffering that man had to endure. While I’d don’t know the full extent of the man’s tenure as mayor (being on the opposite coast.) There was something about that statement that made me laugh, perhaps want to clap a little.

Sure, it’s crass. But nobody ever said wit was the high road. It’s definitely not shocking or appalling. It’s almost surprising that a man such as him could be capable of thinking on his feet. But from the outside looking in, I feel like I’m being treated to a fat lout of a buffoon. The media seems obsessed with poking and prodding him, treating him terribly.

To the people protesting in front of city hall, I’m sure they have their reasons. Ford didn’t admit to smoking crack till the shit started really hitting the fan. So he lied.You can understand why he might of yeah? It’s not something he’s proud of. But he fess’ed up, and now he’s facing the music, wanting to do his job.

But there seems to be a lighter side still to all of this. Saturday Night Live spoofs him with a cold open, Rob Ford Bobble heads are made and immediately sold out. For every person that hates the guy, there’s another person that finds pity in him, and actually likes him as a mayor, that at the very least, want him to get help.

He’s finally admitted to something that he’s not proud of, and we feel as though it’s our duty to continue to kick him while he’s down.

So I look at that quote above and I say to myself, “Regardless of how bad it’s gotten, he’s still standing on his feet. We can hate him, or be told that we need to hate him, all we want… But the man still has a job, that he wants to do.”

If anything, what he said means that he’s still capable of thought, and I would just hate to see that man break.


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