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Adorable image randomly found over twitter that represents a reverse Ponzi Scheme.

Adorable image randomly found over twitter that represents a reverse Ponzi Scheme.

You wouldn’t think that every single person that uses the internet is an unpaid viral marketing intern, but it’s basically true. So it astounds me that people have to go to school to learn how to exploit an ignorant part of a business, that hires people to type a couple of words here and there. But maybe it’s a good thing the average joe doesn’t get paid, because their marketing is poor.

Sorry, I don’t mean to be cynical to those that tweet for a living.

But, now that I’ve mentioned twitter, this is the ground for a perfect example. Somebody tweets something stupid like #KitchenaryPosition (not a real hashtag I think) with drivel directed towards women. That person’s friends join in, it catches fire. The average person understands that it’s offensive and cowardly and shouldn’t be encouraged, so what they’ll do is say something like:

“Stop using the hashtag #KitchenaryPosition. It’s offensive” Because it is… But what they don’t understand, is that they’re adding to the problem by continuing to use the hashtag. So the more people complain about the hashtag by using it, they’ve subsequently jumped it up to what twitter considers trending.

Anybody in the history of the world could tell you, or at least understand, that any news is good news. No matter how bad it is, and how negative you feel towards it, you’re adding to the popularity by talking about it. Sharing it on your social networks. A week from then, you get upset because you comment, “Why is this still happening?!?” When of course there’s just billions of people all over the world that are sharing, receiving and talking about it. It’s probably because someone didn’t like the thing and shared it explaining to everyone on their friends list why it’s bad.

So the reason why I bring this up, is because I’m going to feel really guilty of talking about something. Every time Anita Sarkeesian makes a video, someone mentions it to me, or I mention it to someone, and then we all sit here and complain about it. We complain because subconsciously that’s just how the internet operates. This is the forth video in and truthfully I’m a bit tired.

Every frequent femininity that falls into the laps of fools, gets farted out with vitriol to everything she does. The hatred of couch critics everywhere spreads like wildfire seemingly giving everyone a reason to watch. I get stuck in a downward spiral every time she does something new, because there’s 50 videos for every one she makes, telling her she’s an idiot. But I don’t know what they’re talking about, so I have to watch.

From my perspective, people are actually watching these videos for the wrong reasons. Giving her a specific platform to put her soapbox on, and then maybe just maybe, she’s making these videos for the wrong reason as intended. Instead of it being a teaching tool that you’d hope has lots of research and conversation behind it, becomes a one-sided, closed forum, Republican rally.

So I have to get out, I don’t want to watch it anymore. At least not now. I would suggest to other people to give it time as well. Maybe when the series is complete and you’ll watch it front to back with all it’s intended, it’ll make sense. Maybe if you hang back on this viral marketing that you’ve given her, she’ll open it up to conversation. 

The point is, something like this spreads for the wrong reason, and I’m preventing myself from getting caught up in it. I don’t want to talk about it, I will never bring it up again until it’s done. 

And in no way should this ever be retweeted, or reblogged because the tag feminism is in your RSS feed. Or if you think I’m actually complaining about her. There’s a lot of that which goes on too.


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