feet – ed02

Only because it feels somewhat embarrassing at time. Self consciousness can take over, if only for a brief moment. Then the picture I’ve decided I want to take keels over and gets pointed directly to the ground.

To pass it off, I treat it like a joke of sorts. It’s on instagram where these photos usually play, so in a way they’re grouped with the likes of food shots, but in no way to be fetishized. Just harmless, unintentional embarrassment.

There’s a bunch of photos, 15 in all so far. These are the ones I enjoy the most. The very picturesque of the bunch.

I can’t be the only one though, there ought to be loads of others out there that can be put off with using their phone as a camera at times, then you end up taking a picture of something you didn’t intend.

Maybe you ended up really liking it. Maybe you kept it.

Share the unintentional, as long as it isn’t in poor taste.


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