All Spoils day


yeah, I went there.

Oh internet, I humbly come before you with my cap in my palms because I wish to decree something.

All too often am I forced to grace your presence, talking about things I enjoy with very little detail or context.  Where ‘The thing with the thing’ is all I’m allowed to get by with, when ‘and he shows up and it was crazy,’ Is the more exciting option.

Friends get together with common interest, but no one gets to talk about the thing they’ve just seen/read, until everyone has seen/read it. What if you have the friend that doesn’t get around to it? He doesn’t want to hear it, but you’re itching to talk before it’s too late.

But I’m also more concerned with the ones that know all too well the story. Who go out of their way to tell someone that what they’re saying is a spoiler. “Be careful for those that don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s super crucial to the story.” That act alone creates the spoiler. If no one knew what you were talking about in the beginning, they would have continued to not know what you’re talking about. They wouldn’t know how important something is, how crucial a context is, until you’ve given light to it.

We’ve put up ‘spoiler warning’ as a natural part of forum code to make sure we don’t say something. Someone who doesn’t want to see that, will probably hover over the dark block anyway. It’s just another one of those things that has made us sensitive to the world around us.

So this is why I declare we create an All Spoils Day. A day that gives us the freedom to talk about all the things we want to talk about, without the nagging of others that have no idea what you’re saying. There shouldn’t be any harm in sharing an experience that others might also want to experience.

But I get it at the same time. I understand that the internet is full of nothing but information, and all we ever want to do in front of our computers is consume. What you don’t realize is that we never retain. A reason why I want a day like this to happen is, if you give yourself a day to be free of restriction to what you think a spoiler is, that may alter your perception a little bit.

We scream we don’t want spoilers, we don’t want to hear about it, but we hit a point in our careers as internet hitchhikers that we just say it as if it were a trigger warning for stories we want to be interested in.

Though we’re never really surprised by the stories that we’re interested in anymore.

There used to be a time, that when we wanted to know about something, we would ask about it. Once we asked, we were told everything we wanted to know. When we found out everything we wanted to know, we then decided if that’s a story we wanted to read or we just moved onto the next thing.

Conversation is great, sharing stories are great. I always compromise being told about something that I haven’t gotten around to yet, Because I love being both part of conversation, and giving the person an open forum to talk about the thing they’re just dying to talk about.

Maybe spoiler warnings are just another one of those things that have made us so bitter over the internet. So let’s give ourselves the freedom to talk, if only for a day.


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