keep helping – ED06


The name of this school is basically the way I talk. Kitsilano, BC.

Never a dull moment for the Virgin Mary, erect on a pedestal due to the unplanned pregnancy of Jesus. Succour of his early stages in boyhood, until he grew up to put the weight of others on himself.

She was a good mother, so positive, so helpful. Strict whenever the Son of God would be mischievous.

Christmas time, for some people, is a reminder that life can have a way of being incredibly convenient. There are things that bring people together in the strangest happenstance. And no matter how bleak the road ahead might seem, there’s a Deus Ex Machina out there to let you know that everything has a way of working out in the end.

It’s important to have a mother that is always there for you. She’s going to keep helping you with your life wether you like it or not. Even if, in the grand scheme of things, she’s the least important character to the story… Other than starting yours of course.

Wether you care about what the bible tells you or not. No matter how many translations it goes through, year after year, diluting it’s message. The people in it are still the same. They still have lessons that they are teaching you.

Mary was a humble woman who became an incubator for such a major responsibility. If you went up to her and asked how she felt about everything that had happened, all she’d tell you is, “I’m just happy to have helped.”

Our Lady of perpetual Help is an awfully long title to give the Virgin Mary. When I walked by the school, that was the first time I’ve ever noticed such a thing. I laughed about it and I took the picture thinking there’s just no way there would ever be anything named this.

In spite of my ignorance, it’s the name of this icon. Authenticity endorsed by Pope Pius IX, and again by fan favourite John Paul II.

I can’t help but enjoy the name, which on it’s own as an icon is fine, but as the name of a school It’s quite a mouthful. Though let’s be honest, I’m the only one here that loves saying long titles of things, the average person will have it abbreviated.

Though, the abbreviation on it’s own is a bit of a fumble.

I like this picture not as some crazy person photography art piece, but as a reminder that I stumbled upon it by chance. Much like the little plastic army man, it’s a quirky visual that invaded my little bubble.

I was exceptionally religious when I was a child: Saturday school for years, singing in choir, praying at nights and through horrible storms, I enjoyed it. When I grew up and started looking at other philosophies of life I still appreciate where I come from. Though I believe in what makes more sense to me, I will not go out of my way to prove other people wrong.

Everyone has to believe in something.


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