Old Hollywood – ED11

Hollywood Theatre on Broadway. Kitsilano, BC

Hollywood Theatre on Broadway. Kitsilano, BC

Maybe it’s a metaphor.

I moved to Vancouver for the reason a handful of other people would. The years have been tough, and often felt like they weren’t going anywhere. I’ve had a lot of odd jobs and promising productions would often fall through left and right.

I was usually under the impression that people liked the idea of being famous, but hated the idea of putting work into it if they weren’t promised popularity. Within the 40+ people I went to film school with, I’ve only seen/heard a tiny few succeed. (or even care anymore)

Try as I might, maybe I kept getting dealt the short straw. Continue reading

keep helping – ED06


The name of this school is basically the way I talk. Kitsilano, BC.

Never a dull moment for the Virgin Mary, erect on a pedestal due to the unplanned pregnancy of Jesus. Succour of his early stages in boyhood, until he grew up to put the weight of others on himself.

She was a good mother, so positive, so helpful. Strict whenever the Son of God would be mischievous.

Christmas time, for some people, is a reminder that life can have a way of being incredibly convenient. There are things that bring people together in the strangest happenstance. And no matter how bleak the road ahead might seem, there’s a Deus Ex Machina out there to let you know that everything has a way of working out in the end. Continue reading