How I spent my summer ‘vacation’


In about two or so weeks, I’ll be coming back to Langara for my second and (hopefully) final year in the school’s journalism program. In which, by design, I should be a budding journalism with the integrity of an ox and the work ethic of an… ox?

It’s funny to say that I’ll be coming back, because in truth I’ve never really left the building. As most of my other classmates have been pursuing a summer of work/leisure, I’ve been biding my time. Left to my own devices using the school’s devices, to endeavour in what most people would argue is a ‘startup’…

…When I’m calling it “for fun-sies”.  Continue reading


keep helping – ED06


The name of this school is basically the way I talk. Kitsilano, BC.

Never a dull moment for the Virgin Mary, erect on a pedestal due to the unplanned pregnancy of Jesus. Succour of his early stages in boyhood, until he grew up to put the weight of others on himself.

She was a good mother, so positive, so helpful. Strict whenever the Son of God would be mischievous.

Christmas time, for some people, is a reminder that life can have a way of being incredibly convenient. There are things that bring people together in the strangest happenstance. And no matter how bleak the road ahead might seem, there’s a Deus Ex Machina out there to let you know that everything has a way of working out in the end. Continue reading

age career and education

This is a month old, but looking at Marketing Magazine’s ‘Top 30 under thirty‘ I can’t help but feel a weight tugging at my brain, leaving me slightly despondent. I shouldn’t though because it’s for the Canadian Marketing industry, and it’s something I have very little interest in. I suppose the most obvious thing about it is what gets under my skin. I’m 29 years old today.

Granted, this isn’t the first batch of game changing youngsters out there. I’m sure you can look anywhere on the internet and find an equivalent. The point is, that these are stories about young adults that are doing something significant at their age. They exist, they are fascinating and that is perfectly fine. Continue reading