Friendship in the form of a small boat – ED10

Tyler at his home in Richmond, BC.

Tyler at his home in Richmond, BC.

I care about friends more than family. It’s not as if I dislike family, I come from a large one. Between the two, I care about friends more because I have very little of them. I’m not a bad person to get along with, friendship is just a very specific thing for me.

But that’s always a discussion for another time.

The winter break in Vancouver is always the most quiet. If I’m not going home for christmas, then I’m staying in an empty apartment, partaking in the annual tradition of watching Die Hard on my own. Nursing a Stella while I clean the apartment, holiday log on the TV, music that miss listening to blaring in the background. In some respects it’s like a time off from the world, to just relax and give myself some much needed space.

I’m rather humble, but I’d be kidding myself if I’m fine with being alone. So friendship is a treat whenever I can’t see family for a holiday.

Some of the best times were with Tyler, a friend of mine that had just as much going on. Sharing stories, playing games. Much needed reflection would always seem to happen. The kind of parties that I enjoy more, are the small gatherings where we’re all sitting around sharing stories, rather than looking to drink and take chances with boning.

I’ve made a lot more friends over the coming years, and I’m once again in Vancouver on my own. I’ve never really asked for much of anyone since I’ve been here. but I think this year will be different. I’m cleaning the apartment with a different purpose this time around. I’ll give back to people I’ve met a long the way, that have went out of theirs to be a shoulder.

This time I’m going to host a party.


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