Old Hollywood – ED11

Hollywood Theatre on Broadway. Kitsilano, BC

Hollywood Theatre on Broadway. Kitsilano, BC

Maybe it’s a metaphor.

I moved to Vancouver for the reason a handful of other people would. The years have been tough, and often felt like they weren’t going anywhere. I’ve had a lot of odd jobs and promising productions would often fall through left and right.

I was usually under the impression that people liked the idea of being famous, but hated the idea of putting work into it if they weren’t promised popularity. Within the 40+ people I went to film school with, I’ve only seen/heard a tiny few succeed. (or even care anymore)

Try as I might, maybe I kept getting dealt the short straw.

When the BC Film industry was putting itself under house arrest because all the work was headed to Ontario, there was a huge disconnect for me. It’s a big deal for film studios to come to BC to do work, it helps the economy here in more ways then one.

But I found myself getting angry. Not at the idea of fighting to keep outside productions coming to BC, but as a person that has always wanted to create.

“If you want something done do it yourself,” I would think, knowing all too well that it’s probably unrealistic. I’ve written pilots, features and shorts. Drafts of which all stacked on top of each other in my closet, desperately waiting to happen. Seeking out connections, and waiting till the right one sticks.

Within the time that I moved here, to the end of the save bc film hashtag, my perception has changed a little. I haven’t lost track of my goals and aspirations, but I’ve found a footing. I know what I want out of life, but I don’t know how I’ll get there, and I’m doing it even though this role isn’t what I thought it would be.

But maybe that’s just an important thing to think about for any youngster that aspires towards a certain future, with their dream career floating around in their head. Take a long look at the reality in front of you, maybe take a picture to remind yourself. Then work with what you’ve got, and learn how to make it better.


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